Sunday, July 11, 2010

Back to reality! Vacation is over~

The start of our vacation was with a visit to the Great Lakes Naval Station in Waukegan, Il.  Gary's son Nick (above in his whites) graduated from boot camp, with a promotion under his belt, 2 french fry stripes (for firefighting) and was also the flag carrier for his ship!  We are VERY PROUD of him.
 Here is Nick during graduation with the flag!

Here we are! Gary, me and Nick after graduation!
Here we are on day 2 at Lincoln Park Zoo!  So beautiful, but soooo very HOT!  I grew up in Michigan, but live in California now.  I forgot how hot it is when you add in the HUMIDITY!  It was almost unbearable.  But we still had a great time!
Here is a cool shot I took of the Sears Tower (not sure what they call it now~but that is what I grew up calling it and still do).  Lincoln Park is one of the most beautiful urban areas in the country!  Awesome Victorians, and the lake shore just to the other side of it.

Saturday morning and we were off to see my Mom & Dad in Michigan.  We took off and headed for Grand Rapids! 

There were so many places I wanted to show Gary (he has only been to Michigan once before in the cold weather) we headed out on Monday to my favorite beach in Grand Haven! 

It was hot once again~and the beach was packed!  The walk on the pier to the lighthouse is amazing!  I could do it everyday (except in the winter!).

Another highlight of our vacation was being able to meet the newest member of our family!  This is Madisyn Rae!  Isn't she just darling!! (I am partial as a great auntie!!!). She just turned 1! 

We had an awesome time!  We can't wait to go back!  Hopefully next summer again! 
Good bye Michigan~for now!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your great photos! Looks like you had a lovely fine on vacation. :) Theresa