Thursday, November 4, 2010

Life as an Innkeeper-Jewelry designer Studio in transition

New Studio
I am in a transition~still!  My guy Gary has been slaving away getting my jewelry studio ready!   I wish I had taken before photos~the floor of the area above was all SAND.....he hand poured 4000 lbs of cement to create the floor of my studio (have I mentioned before how very MUCH I LOVE THIS MAN?)... today he installed my electrical so I am now ready to unload all of my inventory....

Empty Inspiration Board
Still need to unpack~
Created pieces

My goal is to unpack and start creating this weekend!  I have a potential custom wedding necklace to put together!!!  Gotta get moving! 
I will keep you posted as I create new pieces!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New chapter in our lives~Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast

Gary outside our new home!
Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast website
Well we made it!  After much praying, many second thoughts, driving cross country with a huge truck and 2 cats, and did I mention much PRAYING??? We are finally the new owners of the Applesauce Inn Bed & Breakfast in Bellaire, Mi.  We have been unpacking, entertaining guests, watching the leaves change, been tourists, checked out the local eateries, and generally just getting to know the place!
Angel kid trying to help me unpack!

Our arrival~loaded to the max!
It is soooooo beautiful here!  We have been truly blessed!  I am still going to try and continue my Etsy jewelry shop, once Gary sets up my workstation!  He has been busy getting our basement cleaned and ready for winter storage!  We have already met some awesome folks here.  Wendy and Dave the former Innkeepers are just amazing!  The home they created out of the B&B is just beautiful!  We are both so very happy!!!

Views from our front porch!
I will be setting up a separate blog for the bed and breakfast in the next several weeks!  But I wanted to let everyone know what was going on!  I have had many folks checking in and I really appreciate all the support even though I have been out of the loop the last several weeks! 
Northwestern Michigan is a must destination!  We have lakes, we have streams, we have skiing, it really is a sportsmen paradise. 
Clam Lake
Fog over Torch Lake

Lake Michigan 
I have been having a blast with my camera!  I took all the shots here, and there are a ton more!   I will post more in my next blog!!
Thank you for stopping by!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Handmade Spark Feature today!

What an awesome thing to wake up to on a Wednesday morning!!!  I just got a great Etsy conversation from the folks over at Handmade Spark~they have featured my lovely Autumn Splendor necklace on there blog today!  Very nice!  Hope you can take a moment to stop by and check out my necklace and the other lovely artisan pieces that are also featured!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Walking through the Tulips on Etsy~my Tuesday finds

From belletreats Etsy Shop!!!

From paintedbliss Etsy shop!  Tulip Field

From leapinggazelle's Etsy Shop

My favorite earrings from faerymoongoddess

My Tuesday want list all started with the plate in the first photo~then I did a search and found more lovelies!  I just love tulips, any time of the year! 

Thanks for stopping in!  Stop by and check out these wonderful Etsy artisans~


Friday, September 10, 2010

Walk in the wood's~An autumn treasury

olivetto's metallic print  "Walk in the wood's" from Etsy.  Take a walk through my autumn inspired treasury~click on the link below!

Happy Friday!