Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shop Update

New Purple Passion visit my Etsy Shop!
Well I did it~ I created a FACE BOOK page!/profile.php?id=100001423175121&v=wall .  I had been pooh poohing doing it because I felt I was doing enough already ~a blog, twitter, posting on other blogs, emails, hearting other Etsy shops, becoming an SFEtsy team member, sfetsy google email~ whew!  But no it must NOT be enough because sales have all but dried up!  So now FACE BOOK.  More computer time, less creative time.  I have already met some awesome cool people on FACE BOOK, plus many others that I already follow through Twitter.  I just hope that I am not once again just posting to other sellers~we are all in the same boat.  Can't buy something if you aren't selling anything RIGHT?  Anyway, I will continue to do what I can on the computer, and create in between. 
New Purple Venetian Italian Glass with vintage Swarovski crystals

So I am off to complete a couple of new pieces that are currently stuck in my head!  I hope you all have a FANTASTIC week!

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  1. I just joined your FB page! Hurray - I'll try to visit when I can. Have you visited mine:
    Theresa :)

    PS I'm planning on listing a few special pieces in the shop this week. ;)