Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Milan Fall 2010 Runway fashion jewelry trends!

 Here are 2 of my newest 2010 Fall Fashion collection pieces.
Amber Afternoon Brooch style statement necklace
Milan Fall Fashion inspired reworked vintage statement necklace
One of a kind vintage~Bungelowjame on Etsy

Fantastic Milan Fall 2010 Necklace courtesy of Adorn-London/Style

Statement Necklaces from Adorn-London blog! Awesome fall trend
Awesome Milan Fall Runway pics from Adorn-London/Style
 My fall fashion weakness right here right now!  I just adore these wonderful statement charm necklaces! I love the blog Adorn-London, I have included their link so have a peek.   I have several of my own Fall 2010 creations in my shop right now~so be sure to stop in if you like this look!

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  3. I like your style!! Especially these necklaces with a bit of flowers hanging off! I'm going to be following you from now on. :-))

  4. Love these types of necklaces! Thanks for reading my blog, I fav'd your Etsy shop too♥

  5. I wish I was bold enough to wear those necklaces.

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  6. Hi... I'm your newest follower.

  7. Hi - thanks for stopping by and following my blog - I am following you back - love love love the selections you found for fall!!!!


  8. Wow, these are beautiful. You're very talented.

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  10. I may have already posted this comment yesterday (I'm losing track of who I 'm starting to follow there are so many!) But, yes, now following after your post on "Fresh Clean and Pure Friday" . . . .love the Milan jewelry trends.....just beautiful! Roz