Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I am diving into Vintage Clothing

     Retro Lilly Pulitzer floral print dress  

Ivory vinyl box purse straight from the 1950's.
I am doing it~I am going to add vintage clothing and accessories to my Etsy shop.  I figure since I can't find pieces in any sizes I can wear, I will buy what I would like to wear and feature it with the hopes that some one out there will enjoy it.  I have always loved vintage, antiques etc.  My first antique purchase was when I was 10 years old, a beautiful old tapestry fireplace rocking chair and an old Scarlet Letter book.  I still have both pieces.  They have moved with me from Michigan, to Florida and to California.  I hope you all will check my upcoming shop updates filled with new vintage lovelies.  I still will create my jewelry -I have to do that for my sanity!  

Be sure to stop by the Bungelow!  I still have my Christmas in July sale going on until July 31st.  25% off all my one of kind items!
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo. 100% wool Made in Italy.  Gorgeous military style cropped jacket.
Mad Men styling.  Beautiful aqua blue with the coolest silver beaded collar.    
Fall Fashion~ Wool poncho made in Ireland!  This lovely is from the 1970's.       

 Wonderful 1980's retro Pearl Bauble earrings                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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  1. Congratulations, Jamie! I noticed these items in your shop and had wanted to ask you about it. It all fits in quite well with your vintage jewelry. Hope you do well with it!!! Theresa