Monday, June 14, 2010

Garden update!

Look at these lovelies!  My how I just love roses, the light on these babies isn't bad either!  This is the 1st bloom for this bush~will probably be the best one too.  I am using this organic fertilizer on the garden this year, it is called EM1 and it is awesome.  I use a measuring sprayer set at 1 teaspoon once a week to feed all the plants.  What it does to the soil is an amazing thing.  I have more worms than I have ever had!  I also add compost from my composter every couple of weeks.  All my plants are very healthy, and my tomatoes have grown a foot and 1/2 in a manner of a couple of weeks!
I don't know if you can tell or not, but I have to have one of the smallest yards on the planet!  But believe me, I have used every inch of it!  Gary built me 2 awesome planter boxes, the front box is for my carrots, garlic, onions, pepper and beets with new seedlings of arugula and spinach planted every 2 weeks.  The second box is for my 5 different tomato plants, herbs, and under plantings of more lettuce blends.  I have added cement blocks on each end of the boxes and have planted my strawberries in them, they love it there.  This has been my best year for strawberries so far.  I use the entire fence line for my raspberries, pickles, cukes, zuccini's and my Meyer lemon bush!  Whew!! If I had more room I would add grapes, and chickens!  I would love to have a chicken coop! Fresh eggs, and that awesome fertilizer!!!
Thank you for stopping by! 


  1. Beautiful gardens, Jamie! I envy you so much - a MEYER lemon bush??? How awesome is that! We just started picking black raspberries will be time to make a pie VERY soon! Theresa