Monday, June 7, 2010

Blown away moment!

Greg Creason Studio

Ever have one of those moments where time just stood still?  I did today!  I was at work~ doing my wonderful day job (accounting stuff~nuf said) when I noticed a little message pop up on computer that Greg Creason is now following you on twitter.  I haven't seen or spoken to Greg in several years, so I was completely caught off guard!  I did a little sleuthing and found his awesome website and his awesome art online.  I am very proud to say the least!  It is wonderful to see him doing what he so loves!  I hope my wonderful followers will take a moment to check out his lovely work.  Nola should be proud!!



  1. Cool site! Any relation of yours? Theresa

  2. Hi Theresa~
    Greg is my ex~we met in Michigan while he was going to Art school! I am very glad to see him doing what he truly loves!!!