Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Two wonderful blog features!

I feel like a bride after the big day is all over~ time for all those thank you notes~but where did all the time go?? I have 2 awesome folks that I owe BIGGGGGGG Thank you's to!!!!   I was honored to be featured in two different blogs in the last two weeks!  The first blog feature was on Judy's blog~Celebrating Life Today & Yesterday . Judy has an awesome vintage shop on Etsy. .  Please stop by if you can and check out her shop!  She has a wonderful eclectic mix of vintage items, from home decor to vintage jewelry. Here is just one lovely piece from her shop!

The second blog that I was featured on was from Theresa at
We did a lovely giveaway featuring this pair of my handmade earrings.  All folks needed to do was leave a comment on the blog and they would be added to the hat for the giveaway~ as of today Wednesday 5/12/10 we had 34 wonderful comments!!  Very nice!

And the winner is:  Sarah Buckingham, she is a fellow tweeter and Etsy shop owner.  Here is the link to her awesome shop..... take a peek.
Theresa also has a very beautiful Etsy shop featuring her handmade jewelry creations. . Her wonderful handcrafted jewelry has a very ethereal romantic feel to it.  Just take a peek at these beautiful earrings~these are my absolute favorites!!

I really hope you will take the time to visit these fantastic shops and let these lovely ladies know how awesome they are!!  My gratitude to them will never able to be expressed as deeply as it is felt!  

Thank you Judy and Theresa!!! 


  1. Awe, Your so sweet. You are the awesome one darlin. Thank You for my very 1st blog feature. Your the best.

  2. Nice to see these awesome tweeps here! Love the blog!

  3. Wow - what a nice surprise, Jamie! Thank you very much. I'm happy the giveaway was a success...I am sure the winner will love the earrings. By the way, I LOVE that teapot from Judy!!! :) Theresa