Monday, May 17, 2010

A lovely Saturday antique shopping in San Juan Bautista

                                  Old Mission San Juan Bautista, CA

  Hello~ thought I would share some awesome pics that my man took this last Saturday while we were visiting and antique shopping in San Juan Bautista, CA.  This lovely little town boasts one of the largest missions built in California.  The grounds around the mission are just beautiful~all the roses were fighting each other to be the biggest and prettiest.  San Juan Bautista is about 15 minutes south of Gilroy, and about 45 minutes south of San Jose.  The mission is still operating, they have mass every Sunday.  The church itself is just awesome!  The tile work inside is to die for, and it is one of the only missions to boast 3 large aisles.  Gary and I have gone to several Easter masses over the years, and it is quite a treat!  

~One of the coolest things about this little town are the resident roosters and hens that are allowed to wonder freely around town.  This is of course just amazes the City folk who aren't used to such a thing.  There are some really handsome fellows too~ all of them are real photogenic of course.
The downtown is made up of old historic buildings and is full of antique shops, trinket shops, restaurants and a couple of great saloons!  I encourage you to make a point of stopping by this town if you ever get the chance.


  1. bah!
    they are so scarry but look so cute!
    i enjoy the prettiness of your blog too btw.
    its quite enjoyable to look at all the loverly imagery.
    x x

  2. How fun!! San Juan looks like a beautiful and fun place to visit! Love the roosters!

  3. Sounds absolutely wonderful, Jamie! Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos and your memories. I'll bet you find the mos wonderful things in the antique shops. :) Theresa