Friday, April 9, 2010

Gorgeous Friday

I am supposed to be creating jewelry today for a show I am having in a month~but I just can't focus.  The weather is beautiful~but we are expecting a good storm on Sunday~so I don't want to put any new plants in the garden for fear of the cold wet rains coming.  So I can't really garden.  So not that much into jewelry today, can't garden, and dinner plans (yummy short ribs) are a few hours away~so I took some photos of one beautiful Dutch Iris I have that has opened up~ I have tons of them around the garden~but they just won't open up!  But this guy is stunning!  I hope you enjoy him as much as do!


1 comment:

  1. The iris is just gorgeous, Jamie! None of ours have opened yet. We have tons of daffodils and grace hyacinths, though. And our tulips are just now opening up. I'm excited about your show...I know you will do quite well! :) Theresa